The Problems:

and our solutions...

There are different types of communities that exist in the web3 space. The two that Soulmynt will focus its efforts on will be DAOs and Ambassador programs. Our vision is to become the premier digital credential platform for users, companies, and third parties alike to verify, showcase, and store their experiences. By first helping individual communities grow, we're on track to advancing the entire web3 community as a whole.

At Soulmynt, we've spoken with over 50 core members of web3 communities and discovered some significant roadblocks in efficiently growing these organizations. One major challenge is the slow and tedious process of tracking and rewarding user engagement. Currently, most communities rely on Notion or Google Sheets to monitor their users, resulting in time-consuming efforts to recognize and reward their contributions. Soulmynt's vision is to revolutionize this experience by simplifying the entire process. Our goal is to enable communities to track and reward users with just a couple of clicks, streamlining and accelerating community growth.

Community managers have expressed concerns about the challenge of re-engaging existing community members. In ambassador programs or DAOs, there is often limited incentive for members to consistently contribute. At Soulmynt, we aim to address this issue by gamifying the engagement process, leveraging into humans' natural inclination towards progression and achievement. By providing members with clear visibility of their rewards and milestones, communities can effectively encourage continued engagement and, in turn, reward them for their valuable contributions.

On the user side, the lack of certainty that communities will fulfill their promises can be a significant concern. We've heard from several ambassador who pointed out that after completing their work, they were left without proper recognition or rewards. Soulmynt steps in as a solution by providing accountability for community leads. Through our platform, we ensure the proper distribution of rewards, encouraging more engagement from members and fostering overall community growth.

In addition to this critical feature, Soulmynt aims to become a central hub for both web2 and web3 communities. By enabling users to explore communities that align with their interests, Soulmynt not only facilitates the growth of their personal networks but also empowers communities to expand their reach. Our platform bridges the gap between communities and individuals, creating a thriving ecosystem that benefits both sides.

Finally, a core feature that Soulmynt will offer is the ability to interact with the platform without any previous blockchain knowledge. We're abstracting the blockchain process from users entirely so Soulmynt can expand target market scope to not only web3 communities but web2 ones as well. Our vision is for education providers, internet influencers, university clubs, and more to host their own communities on our platform, allowing for them to track users, distribute rewards, and provide benefits to their community.

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