Our Mission:

A blockchain powered digital credential creation and distribution platform
Soulmynt's mission is to empower everyone* to effortlessly create and distribute non-transferable digital credentials, allowing individuals to proudly display their public affiliations with the world. Powered by blockchain technology, Soulmynt enables users to showcase their achievements in a trustless and immutable manner, fostering a more trustworthy environment.
Entrepreneurs, companies, and individuals all require a reliable and verifiable way to showcase their credentials on a public platform. Unfortunately, the current system for handling credentials and affiliations has significant flaws, as mentioned in the current climate section. To address these issues, we propose leveraging blockchain technology as the ideal foundation for storing these credentials, introducing Soulbound Tokens (SBTs).
In the realm of web3, this space remains untapped, presenting a golden opportunity to streamline processes, save time, and reduce costs for creators, third parties, and anyone seeking to share their accomplishments with the world. At Soulmynt, our mission is to provide an efficient and accessible solution that simplifies credential management, making it a seamless experience for everyone involved.
Third Parties
Easily create tokens, promote, and view analytics to grow your business. Promote employee/member growth by issuing credentials for completing tasks, reaching milestones, accomplishing achievements, and more.
Verify credential history by visiting someone's Soulmynt profile. Here you will find their credentials, affiliations, and skills as well as who they were issued by.
Learn new skills, share your accomplishments with the world, reach out to companies/groups that interest you, and never have to worry about a resume parser incorrectly interpreting your resume again.
The future is here.