Soulmynt Process:

Soulmynt will make it simple and efficient to create and distribute Soulbound tokens on the blockchain, representing information connected to your account.

Sign up with your email and we'll take care of the rest - we will be creating a wallet used to display the SBTs you send and receive on your Soulmynt profile. In addition, you can apply to communities that you're interested in directly on our explore page. Each SBT will display information affiliated with that community. This can include date of issuance, task completed, or skills obtained.

As a community manager, you can fill out the information mentioned above -- with a click of a button, the recipient now owns a non-transferable token that shows the skills they used and experiences they had with your community. Once you create a credential, you can view and edit the tokens of your company's holders. Soulmynt technology will include an upgrade feature where creators or companies can upgrade or downgrade SBTs to accurately represent a member's or employee's status.


  1. If an employee gets promoted, the employer can update the employee's "role" on the token.

  2. When a community member completes a major task, their manager can issue them an SBT as a proof-of-completion.

  3. Community Ambassadors that are making the largest impact can be tracked and properly rewarded with higher tier experiences such as networking, employment, or merchandise opportunities.

  4. Inactive DAO contributers can have their status be downgraded. This will lead DAO managers to be able to pinpoint those sandbagging the organization as well as incentivize inactive members to re-engage.

Our integration with the blockchain means that there is an immutable and transparent record of a person's credentials containing information regarding the issuer, the description of the work done, the position held, and any other information that the issuer may feel the need to add. This also means that anyone can quickly verify that the information on a wallet is true.

By visiting Soulmynt profiles, people can verify the integrity, background, and experiences of someone with ease. This cuts out the time and money required to make sure all of the information on someone's "resume" is true.

Now, people can focus on learning and growing as individuals and let their verifiable credentials/affiliations on the blockchain speak for themselves. Communities and companies can issue these credentials, reducing the skill gap in the workforce. At the same time, whether you are a company or an entrepreneur looking to start a group/course, you will be stepping into a web3 future.

Our vision is to eventually implement our integrated share feature, where you can share your credentials on LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and more. With our advanced analytics feature, users and creators can see information regarding how many views a credential received, profile visits, and more.

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